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Being a parent has always been hard work but it is particularly difficult in today's complex world.
The agenda for the 21st century is different and demanding. Giving all children access to
parenthood education in schools will help to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead. Of
course the new technologies and greater understandings of family relationships mean that parents are also enjoying parenthood more and education for parenthood needs to encompass the joys and fulfilment that parenthood can bring.

Britain is experiencing rapid social and economic change which creates both opportunity and Parenting
insecurity. Many people marry and become parents but there is now more variety about
partnerships and family form. Many bring up children alone, by choice or otherwise, and same-sex couples may choose to become parents. More mothers are working; gender roles are still changing; the working day is getting longer and jobs are rarely for life. Recent patterns of living and working may offer little guidance to tomorrow's young adults who need the space to think through the options that face them.

At the same time as parents need more help many find themselves more isolated as the traditional toddler health sources of support become less available. For example, families tend to disperse and no longer live close by or, if they do, they have their own work commitments; and local networks are, in general, less evident and robust. Some fathers have a greater opportunity to be involved in their families and are learning new skills as a result.

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Britain is multicultural. Families can struggle as parents hold on to customs and values while
children expect change. Many parents will have no extended family in the UK, and if, in addition, their partner is of a different cultural background, there may be different expectations about which customs are upheld.

Numbers drop leaves Toddlers group struggling

A LOCAL toddler group is facing an uncertain future because it is currently running low in numbers of kids attending.

Family poverty creates additional problems for families and children, affecting housing, jobs, health and self-esteem, all of which affect our sense of competence and ability to cope. The concept of resilience has an important part to contact baby advice play in parenting support whatever the family's circumstances. Self-esteem, self-confidence, a belief in one's own self-efficacy and an ability to deal with change and adaptation will all positively affect family life.

Within all families, relationships can be more highly charged as expectations for fulfilment between parents and partners grow and as children spend more time at home safe from the perceived dangers of public places.

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VIS is currently in the process of building their baby orphanage. Once this is complete they will be able to foster up to 30-40 newborn babies and children up to four years.