Advice for New Parents

Here at trans-active we care about our listeners and the young parent’s community so we have compiled our list of preparing for when the baby arrives and different ways to deal with the baby’s needs and how you can improve yourself as a parent.

When you are preparing for a baby we recommend that you start planning now.  We appreciate that preparing for a baby is very expensive but you can apply for different methods of getting money from the government for funding.

Getting things like the gates on the stairs is important because little children are very prone to crawl around and they cannot fall down the stairs if you have gates that stop the baby from going down the stairs you will avoid many different accidents.

logoMake sure that you also buy a highchair so that when you are eating your baby will be able to sit at almost adult sitting height when eating. High chair are important because they are generally made out of plastic and they are very easily cleanable and easy to wipe the mess off that your baby will leave when he or she starts playing with food that is still full of food.

Getting a cot is hugely important and the cot is obviously the baby’s bed. This is very important because this will mean that when the baby comes into this world it will have somewhere to go to and stay comfortable. 

The Push chair or the stroller is very crucial to you as a parent.  Getting your child to come out with you and see the world and getting sun and light on the baby are crucial as they baby is developing. It is also important for the actual human interaction that is had between the parents and friends that the baby will see going on. This is a fundamental part of development of a baby’s growth and developing how it is going to interact with others later in life.

We recommend that you need to read about the preparing your body for pregnancy and learning about all of the different things that can affect your baby.

We also recommend that you look into taking free parenting lessons.